All Jazz Radio

My country, my music

My country, my music
All Jazz Radio is a Jazz music format radio station broadcasting online from South Africa. It offers several music shows throughout its broadcast dedicated to specific Jazz subgenres but also to Blues, Latin and World Jazz music. Its playlists are selected by a team of Jazz aficionados on a volunteer basis, but the station also counts with South African and international DJs that showcase the best music of their country or continent. In its line-up, it also includes informative and educational content, with talk shows where the presenters discuss the history of Jazz, its evolution and differences depending on its country or community of origin, as well as interviews with well-known and new artists on the scene. Main shows and DJs/presenters * In Conversation With... with Eric Alan * The Kibby Factor with James “Acid Robot” Kibby * Take 5 & Then Some with Clifford Graham * The Mother City Mix with Granville Skippers * Jazz Around The World with Wolfgang König * The Vagabond Show with Brian Currin * Modern Jazz Today with Jeff Williams & Kari Gaffney * Todd’s Turntable with Todd Gordon * Smooth Jazz Weekend with Tina E Clarke * The Groove Merchant with Andy Hardy
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