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Blues - The Source, the rest of the music - Creeks

Blues - The Source, the rest of the music - Creeks
"BluesMen Channel" - is the world's largest community that unites all the musicians of Blues Rock music. The community is well known among many performers, and is also supported by such performers as: Mighty Mo Rodgers, Rocky Athas, Rob Orlemans, Hank Davison, Rob Tognoni, Mezcaleros Band, Jo Hell, David Barnette (The DUSTERS), JP Williams, Vargas Blues Band, Kara Grainger, Eliza Neals and many others. Expressing Great Gratitude "BluesMen Channel" - has a large and unique channel on Youtube, where the songs of performers are selectively published, as well as radio broadcasting, where you can hear hits from collections. "BluesMen Channel" - accepts applications from performers, copyright holders and producers for the publication and distribution of songs. The collection is regularly replenished, this allows the listener to hear and learn about the new performer.
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