Boogie Bunker Radio

Less Chat - More Music!

Less Chat - More Music!
Welcome to Boogie Bunker Radio where the quality of superb soul music counts for more than the radio presenters egos! We’re doing things differently…If we haven’t got anything to say, we don’t interrupt the music – simple. And WHAT MUSIC! Normally there’s no more than one show a day containing speech! Our strap-line is Less chat…More music! We start each day with a touch of inspirational gospel and a touch of Caribbean reggae, then some bring you some classic Boogie choons, before a lunchtime of across the board Soul music from the fifties to today and from across all genres of this amazing music. Then we invite guest presenters to put together showcase sets from their own musical libraries and turn the beat up a notch in the evening. But we’re a 24/7 radio station so the beat never stops as we attract new listeners around the world. Now BBR is available on FM in Tenerife (Spain) on 87.7FM/90.2FM/107.7FM (Channel 1 on set top boxes*) where available* We enjoy a weekly ‘Live Link-Up show where we share our output with our ‘affiliated stations’ in Spain, Ibiza, Tenerife & The Canaries Islands as well as with the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean! And around the World online…
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