Cii Radio

South Africa

Cii Radio is a digital community radio station broadcasting to South Africa and worldwide through the live streaming service on its website. It is an endowment to the Muslim Ummah and a non-profit radio station, whose main purpose is to serve the Muslim community by providing informative and religious content designed to appeal to families, children included, that wish to broaden their horizons and learn more the ideologies of Islam and the main global developments. With that intent, Cii Radio offers a line-up with news reports and talk shows devoted to the discussion of specific topics such as health, finance, technology, religion and lifestyle, entertainment shows such as radio dramas, and nasheeds. Informative content designed specifically for the Muslim community in South Africa, like nikah announcements, is also provided throughout its broadcast. The station's dramas and main programmes are also available in podcasts on its website. Main programmes and presenters * Yaum Un Jadeed With Zahir Bassa * The Afternoon Beat With Ayesha And Sumayya * Nurul Qalb with Imraan Ismail * Lifestyle – Recipes & Open Lines with Safeera Kaka * International Jummah Khutbah by Ml Ahmad Lorgat * Tafseer – Qari Umar Ba Sheikh * The Last Word with Mualimah Shamiela * Doctors on Air with Dr Farouk Haffejee and Dr Mohamed Solwa
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