Your #1 Trusted Entertainment Chaneel

Your #1 Trusted Entertainment Chaneel
D FM is one of the leading online medium that reach out to people across the globe with the best online radio and podcasting that change the impact positively on one's life. We bring forth quality radio shows and provide you with vital information that will sooth your soul and make you want more. D Fm wants to captivate its audience through diverse range of music of Afro beats, Hi-Life, Dance-hall, Reggae, Hip hop and Gospel. We also give our social platform for youth to discuss current affairs that has impact on our daily lives. D Fm really wants to target second generations young (age 18-35) who have been raised in the Western world but also value their background. D Fm provides a platform where its audience can express themselves, have open discussions on diverse topics and enjoy good music at the same time. In addition to our services we provide event management and also assist in online marketing. Phone: +233545443117 web: www.dfmmusicstation.com web: www.dikoder.com
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