Energy Radio 88.8 FM

We Energize The Creative Generation

We Energize The Creative Generation
ENERGY RADIOS FM & ONLINE (88.8FM, 90.3FM & 107.3FM) is the Rwandan commercial radio stations part of TOP 5 Broadcasting division owned by TOP 5 SAI Ltd. Since 2015, TOP 5 SAI Ltd obtained the license of Broadcasting from The Rwandan Utility Regulatory Agency (RURA) and started the radio station in Musanze, the first private and commercial radio station to open out of Kigali (ENERGY RADIO 88.8FM). You can listen ENERGY RADIO on FM & ONLINE on different platforms. ENERGY Radio is an open forum where creative generation meet, exchange ideas, mentor each other and engage in a positive deviance to leverage sustainable development. The incorporation of “Energy” in all people’s endeavors will kick off “inactivity” and result into “ an energized generation”. In 2019, TOP5SAI Ltd got new FM frequencies and right to extend its broadcasting activities in Kigali (ENERGY RADIO 90.3FM) and in Karongi Western region of Rwanda (ENERGY RADIO 107.3FM). You can listen online to some of our talk shows via our YouTube channel :TOP5SAI_ENERGY_FMTV & TOP 5 BRODCASTING (ENERGY RADIO) PRODUCTS/SERVICES: • Advertising services • Educative program services • Entertainment programs services • Informative programs services • Promotions services • Special events organization • Production of content & syndication of the most popular shows • Live broadcasting events/ functions services
FM 90.3 Kigali, Kigali
FM 107.3 Western, Kibuye
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