Filipino Music Central

Your Home, Your Music, Your Life!

Your Home, Your Music, Your Life!
The Filipino Music Central, your hottest and innovative online music station, and which you can consider your home, your music in your life has launched its opening date this August 30, 2019. It has started from the friendship of online DJs who have common goals and perspective about bringing friendship, happiness, and high quality entertainment through well-planned and implemented online radio programs, to the listeners who are not just in Philippines but also to the listeners from different nations all over the world through music. The sharing of ideas, laughter and believing in providing great experiences to the listeners by performing excellently as much as we can have been the reasons for establishing “Friendship Broadcasting Network ” that eventually gave birth to the “Filipino Music Central.” Now, the Filipino Music Central is very much ready to soar towards greater heights with all of you. We will all together enjoy life through music! The FMC can also be your home 24/7! In this home, you will be provided with comfort and happiness through the various programs of our friendly dj’s! So, keep your online radio tuned in to and turn on the play button to be with us.
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