Fist Full of Rock

If it Rock's We Will Play It

If it Rock's We Will Play It
About Fist Full of Metal ( Our Metal Station) FIST FULL OF METAL RADIO·FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 2019 Our story begins with being in Second Life and trying to find a good stream for our those of you who have NO idea what that is. If you are like me you want to hear good music and a variety of it. Way too many stations were just playing the same rotation of pop/rock/country songs or obscure ( Like an old Anthrax Album from the 80’s..coughs into hand) underground stuff no one has heard of (for a reason) Well I dusted off my DJ equipment ( figuratively) and decided to create a new stream through Shoutcast. To tell me about music you would like to hear, send me an email at (FYI it does not ALL have to be is just what I play the most, but aside from radio pop ( I probably won’t be playing Little Mix or Niki Minaj) Otherwise, I am happy to take requests. Have a band you want to showcase? Do you have originals you want to get some airtime? I can’t sign you, but if they are any good, send an mp3 and I will put your original songs on the air. Check us out elsewhere Live Twitch Stream -
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