God's Word In Music

Southern Gospel Oldies from 1920-2010

Southern Gospel Oldies from 1920-2010
God's Word In Music (Originally The Gospel Light Radio Network) has been on the Internet since 2001. We "broadcast" from the UK with the studio being in Maine USA. God's Word In Music is a ministry of Christ Church A† Bear Creek, Inc.,a ministry in Blythewood, South Carolina. We play many smaller lesser known groups so thaat they may be heard and helped to grow. We are available 24/7/365. Song requests can be made at https://us1new.listen2myradio.com:2199/start/petdenby/. God's Word In Music is a listener supported station and we welcome any support you may give. Donations are processed through PayPal and can be made by tapping the donate button on our website [ https://christchurchbc.org/ ] Our manager, Peter has been in broadcasting since 1977 and has worked at both Country and Southern Gospel over the air stations. Website: https://christchurchbc.org/ Sermon and Studies Website: https://gospel-light.org Email: pastor@christchurchbc.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CCBC29016 Phone: +1 (803) 834-8074
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