IBGR - RESULTS Radio Network

IBGR - RESULTS Radio Network
GROW WITH US - PICK YOUR SHOW “All successful companies are unique, all unsuccessful companies are the same” The following is the fastest way of finding information, insights, and tools for your business. However before we start, a few thoughts. The problem we have struggled with for over 4 decades - there is no formula for success because every moment in business happens just once. This reality makes creating universal models difficult and potentially a fool's errand. Instead our approach is to work from a set of general rules in the form of questions for Starting, Growing, and Exiting a Business. Our programming (Shows) are designed to deliver what you need based on where you are at. That leads to 2 fundamental questions: Where Are You and What Are Your Issues? Where Are You? Current Stage of Growth Starting A Business Stage I: Dream2Plan - Prior to Opening Your Doors (12-1pm North America, 8-9am Australia, 9:30-10:30am India, 11-12 London) Stage II: GoLive - Open for Business (1-2pm North America, 9-10am Australia, 10:30-1130am India, 12-1pm London) Growing To Your Potential Stage III: Next Act - Building & Fixing What Is Missing (2-3pm North America, 10-11am Australia, 1130-1230pm India, 1-2pm London) Stage IV: Hockey Stick Growth - Achieving Full Potential (3-4pm North America, 11-12pm Australia, 1230-130pm India, 2-3pm London) Exiting Your Business or Reinvent Stage V: Sell or Self Fund - Maximize Profits (4-5pm North America, 12-1pm Australia, 130-230pm India, 3-4pm London) Stage VI: Rethink Everything - New Offer, New Processes (5-6pm North America, 1-2pm Australia, 230-330pm India, 4-5pm London) Select the stage of growth that represents where your business is today. The next step - select the day of the week based on issues to solve now.
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