KFLY Radio 70’s 80’s and BEYOND

Where the music soars!

Where the music soars!
SOAR ALONG WITH THE MUSIC! We are a newly-launched TRUE MUSIC LOVERS radio station. This means we play multiple genres from the last 50 years and sometimes even further back than that! If you CLAIM to be a TRUE MUSIC LOVER you will appreciate hearing 70s/80s as well as music from before and after this... True Music Lovers will LOVE hearing TIN MAN followed by AC/DC followed by Britney Spears followed by Duran Duran and maybe even followed by a movement from Brahms...and maybe followed by Tracy Chapman or KC & The Sunshine Band. KFLY Radio is simply the BEST radio station in the planet! :D Twice we've gone PRIVATE ACCESS and this will be the third time we've gone PUBLIC ACCESS! With HUGE song-lists, zero commercials and DJs who actually LOVE LOVE LOVE music. You can hear mostly music from the 70s/80s but also tunes from the 40s/50s/60s/90s and current as well here, retro news/ads not for marketing's sake but because they're sentimentally ADORABLE! We even play a classical, jazz, country song here and there and always play what others NEVER PLAY! IF YOU WANT A CRAPPY STATION -- THIS AIN’T IT! The SKY'S THE LIMIT for these wings at KFLY! Every song was a HIT and sometimes you might hear something that was NEVER A HIT but should have been! The diversity is awesome! So come fly with us for DAYS AND DAYS of fabulous music without annoying repetition and -- MOST IMPORTANTLY -- NOT A SINGLE COMMERCIAL EVER!!!
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