Community Powered

Community Powered
KMRE is a community radio station in Bellingham, Washington. We are non-commercial, listener supported, community operated and a service of the non-profit organization Kulshan Community Media. Our programming includes a roots music format, specialty music shows, educational content, arts & culture, and conversational programming. Mission Statement Kulshan Community Media (KCM) cultivates and strengthens community in Bellingham and Whatcom County and provides access, training and radio broadcast opportunities to local citizens. KCM produces local, diverse audio programs to inform, educate and entertain our community. Vision Statement KCM is a strongly supported, deeply valued and crucial community resource, promoting underserved voices, inspiring creative discussion, education and ideas, and enhancing social, cultural, and environmental awareness through quality arts, music, and public affairs programming to our communities within our broadcast area and throughout the Pacific Northwest Values Encouragement and support of wide range of voices, peoples and perspectives Opportunities for those whose voices are not heard or served by mainstream or commercial media Community connections (via broadcast local news, information, education, entertainment, and a diversity of voices and stories) Education through teaching and training volunteers and enriching programs for our listening community Access for our communities to create content and broadcast on public airwaves Support for unique music and local music programming in our region Strong community identity and community health
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