Lekker FM

Dit kan net LEKKER raak!

Dit kan net LEKKER raak!
Lekker FM is an Afrikaans-speaking radio station broadcasting from Pretoria, Gauteng, using the frequency 98.3 FM and live streaming online internationally. The goal of this station is to promote the Afrikaans language worldwide while bringing entertainment and music content in this language to the South African residing outside the country. Listeners can also check Lekker FM website to find the playlists of its programming, listen to the podcasts of its entertainment shows and find out which Afrikaans songs made it into the radio's weekly Top 40. Main programmes and presenters * Ontbyt op sy LEKKERSTE! with Fanus Pienaar * Huistoe Gaan Tyd with Fanus Pienaar * TOP 40 with Neil Smit * Goue Oues with Rudi Muller and Alta Strauss
FM 98.3 Gauteng, Pretoria
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