Lesedi FM

Ke Mollelwa

Ke Mollelwa
Lesedi FM is an Adult contemporary radio station offering a broadcast comprised of 40% music and 60% talk. The station's programming is entirely in the Sesotho language, aiming to empower this language native speakers by providing educational and informative content. It offers a line-up that combines entertainment and music shows, with the latter focusing on Gospel and Sesotho traditional and contemporary music, news reports, educational programmes and talk shows where the presenters dwell on the most important matters of today. Lesedi FM is available on channel 906 on DSTv and online via live streaming. It also broadcasts from Bloemfontein to the South African nation using different FM frequencies. Listeners can also visit the station's website to find the podcasts of its main shows as well as its Top 30 playlist. Most popular shows * Rea Kubeletsa (Afternoon Drive) * Makgulong A Matala * Dia Wela Wela * Thoriso * Mantswe A Supileng Main presenters * Thuso Motaung * Qboy Molebatsi * "Ba2cada" Leine * Seipati "Twasa" Seoke * Pastor Moruti Maine * Rev Lefa Pheto
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