One Station for Every Generation

One Station for Every Generation
MP3Radio.Fm is an Internet Radio Station based in Miami serving the world. The mission of Mp3Radio.FM is to unite people through music while embracing the advancement of technology. Mp3Radio.FM hosts live DJ sets, weekly radio shows with on air personalities, DJ’s, radio shows, request lines, chat rooms and web cameras. The station’s goal is to constantly interact with their community of listeners all around the globe. Mp3Radio.FM is one of the few internet radio stations that offer MULTILINGUAL format, great music and live global interaction with all it’s listeners. DJ Rocco, Owner of MP3Radio.Fm and on air personality built the station with the vision of fusing music from various cultures. Growing up in Miami (some say the Melting Pot of music) and influenced by the love of many genres, he founded MP3Radio.Fm as an open format internet radio station where the world could enjoy music in one place. In addition, Mp3Radio.FM always keeps true to the classic sounds that form the roots of today’s music, as well as helping promote and break the evolution of music! No matter what music preference you have, you will find it here.. from classic dance tracks to current top hit.. Always playing on
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