Outlaw Entertainment Radio

High energy party vybz

High energy party vybz
OUTLAW ENTRAINMENT RADIO came on air on October 1, 2018 and continues to provide our listeners with the best old and latest in music from a range of genres including Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Soca, Reggae, Dancehall ,Gospel and EDM/Dance Outlaw Entertainment Radio Provide some of the best Disk Jockeys all over the world. Our core target audiences of all ages with a wide peripheral audience extending to all who love to party and maintain the high energy music – day or night. Our music format allows us to maintain an uninterrupted party vibe. We do Remote Radio at your Business places ,Clubs or your Events. For more information you can contact us at 647-4006472 or outlawentertainment2018@gmail.com
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