¡Música Para Tus Sentidos!

¡Música Para Tus Sentidos!
OyeLaRadio.com is an online Adult Contemporary, Oldies radio station based and registered in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. We have put in place a very interesting mix of music styles included, but not limited to Rock, Pop, R&B, New Wave, Alternative, Country, etc. Due to our wide musical spectrum we are a much different option to those traditional and online radio stations with the same format broadcasting not only from our city, but across the Dominican Republic. Even though Dominican Republic is a Spanish spoken country, English is used as a second language on our daily basis activities and also due to our close relationship with The United States of America. For over the years few radio stations have included this kind of music format, which has been followed for many of our citizens and visitors. We will be more than honored if you include us among your stations.
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