PEFM 87.6

South Africa

PEFM is a Christian radio station with a fresh and contemporary intake. In its line-up, the station combines religious content and contemporary Gospel music with talk shows devoted to the discussion of matters such as finance, debt and family life. It also provides local news reports, weather and traffic updates, as well as community announcements and police information. PEFM broadcasts in Afrikaans, English and isiXhosa from Port Elizabeth using the frequency 87.6 FM. It is also available worldwide via online live streaming. Main shows and presenters * The Good News Breakfast Show with Romano and Toni * Brunch Met Adorè Morgan * Community Cares with Courtnay Kruger * Destiny Drive with Josca * Relentless Grace with Pastor Romeo And Pastor Julien * Unconditional Love with Vincent and Kim Goede * In His Presence Ebukhoneni Bakhe with Chwayita Gaya
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