Radio 786

Inform, Educate, Uplift!

Inform, Educate, Uplift!
Radio 786 is a community radio station broadcasting from Cape Town using the frequency 100.4 FM and to all the world via its live streaming feature on its website. Its mission is to inform, educate and uplift the audience by offering a line-up with programmes that cover current affairs, social issues, politics and the latest local and international news. Radio 786 also provides content directed at the Muslim community with educational programmes about the Shia and the Sunni, the daily Janaazah notices and, during Ramadan, cooking recipes. On Radio 786's web page, listeners can also find the podcasts of the station main shows as well as more information about the events promoted by this radio, such as its famous Gala Dinner where the public can interact informally with the radio team of presenters while enjoying good food.
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