Radio Helderberg

Here for you!

Here for you!
Radio Helderberg is a community radio based in Somerset West that broadcasts to the surrounding areas using the frequency 93.6 FM. The station also provides a live streaming service allowing people from outside its footprint area to listen live to its broadcasts. It has a feel-good style of broadcasting, offering a line-up with easy-listening music shows, news updates and talk shows discussing a wide range of topics such as motors, books, travel, finance, health and legal matters. Radio Helderberg broadcasts in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa. Main programmes and presenters * Isixhosa Breakfast with Sandlie Magidigidi, Lunga Jakuja, and William Singwinta * Mid-Morning Chit Chat with Annelia Preiss * Homerun / Holhuistoe with Anele du Plessis * Top 30 Countdown with Stephan van der Merwe * Praise & Worship with Robin Cloete * Tussen die Lyne with Rupert Muller * Midday Mouthful with Johann Myburgh * The FOMO Show with Herman Stoop
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