Radio Houtstok - 100.6 FM Stereo

Ons Hart klop van die Weskus

Ons Hart klop van die Weskus
Radio Houtstok was the first community radio broadcasting entirely in Afrikaans to the Cape when it was first launched in 2010. the station faced several bureaucratic and legal issues in the following years which resulted in changes to its frequency as well as in an off-air period. It finally went live again in 2018, now officially using the frequency 100.6 FM on which it broadcasts to the Western Cape. Additionally, the station live streams globally through the internet. Radio Houtstok offers various music shows focus on promoting South African and Afrikaans music. Its music repertoire includes the Golden Oldies from the 70s to the 90s, the best hits from the Springbok Radio era and the best Country music, as well as the latest contemporary music in English and Afrikaans. In its line-up, it also includes news reports with the latest local, national and international news and entertainment shows. Main programmes and presenters * Die Baas with Louis Baartman * Die Rissiepit with Cecily * Kuier saam Michelle with Michelle Pretorius * Weskus Kojak with Hennie Botha
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