Radio Laeveld 100.5 FM

South Africa

Radio Laeveld is a community radio station focused on family values. It broadcasts content in Afrikaans and occasionally in English targeting an audience between 35 and 55 years old from various backgrounds. The station's line-up combines educational and cultural programmes, news reports, music shows, talk shows on community and current affairs and entertainment shows. Radio Laeveld broadcasts from Nelspruit on the frequency 100.5 FM and live streams globally through the internet. Main shows * Dagbreek * Versoeke * Vlooimark * Mirrrrrag! Met Anike & Ludi * Laeveld Dagboek * Die Pappachef Drive * Voorlesing * Versoeke * Profiel * Top 20 Treffers * Sport Saterdag * Frans Kook * Afrikaans Aktueel
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