Radio Nova

Seriously Addictive Music for Ireland

Seriously Addictive Music for Ireland
Radio Nova broadcasts to Dublin city, county and commuter belt on 100.3 (Dublin), 100.5 FM (Kildare) and 95.7 (North Wicklow). We're a radio station, with real presenters who talk to you, not at you; and we do fun competitions and the most seriously addictive music. So come join us for a crazy ride with not a Britney or Justin in sight, come to the only place that the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Oasis and Zepp all hang out. As crazy as Ozzie and as serious as Kurt, Radio Nova is the experience you have been waiting for…it’s one hell of a ride!!
FM 100.3 Leinster, Dublin
FM 95.7 Leinster, Wicklow
FM 100.5 Leinster, Kildare
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