Radio Sahar

The egalitarian radio

The egalitarian radio
Radio Sahar is an egalitarian radio, because it is possible to express different opinions from different people while respecting another opinion. We will broadcast content that would not have received a chance on another radio. On Radio Sahar we will hear the voice that was silenced socially, but not only. We will also touch on political, educational and social content, allow expression of an opinion that is not in the consensus, touch on issues that have been socially denounced even though we perceive ourselves as an enlightened society. The radio station is named after Sahar Uzan, Mazal's amazing daughter. Sahar is a blind person who is facing more challenges. On Radio Sahar we will hear her voice from the side of mazal as a mother. Radio Sahar will operate 24/7, we will broadcast new and old music in all styles. Thanks to Eran Uzan, brother of Sahar (who is blind from birth and has his own recording studio, a radio broadcaster himself and the son of Mazal Uzan who helped establish the radio named after his dear sister Sahar.
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