Radio Veritas

The Good News For a Change

The Good News For a Change
Radio Veritas is a religious radio station serving the Catholic community in South Africa with informative, educational, entertaining and religious content. In its line-up, the station places great focus on religious celebration and educational programs about the Catholic religion. It also offers news reports and talk shows on current affairs. Radio Veritas broadcast to Gauteng in the frequencies 92.7 FM and 576 AM and is also available on DSTv, channel 870. The station broadcasts worldwide through the online live streaming service on its website. Main shows and presenters * Tug of Love with Tiiso Mosoeu * As The Sun Sets with Fr Emil Blaser OP * Catholic View with Sheila Pires * Youth Wise with Reabetswe Tloubatla * Matins with Khanya Litabe * Holy Mass (in Portuguese, SeSotho, Zulu and English) * Letsemeng with Thato Mokwena * Teach Catholic with Fr Chris Townsend * Reflections with Anne Taylor
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