RFI 1021 FM

Conscious Station, Pulse of the Nation

Conscious Station, Pulse of the Nation
RFI (Radio Free Iyanola) is a privately owned FM radio station with a new concept in local broadcasting offering music with a message and brings community care to your doorstep helping to promote music, information and development of social enterprise made more accessible. Our broadcast Studio is located in the historic town of Soufriere, on the beautiful 238sq mile island of St. Lucia in the West Indies. RFI has been on air since 1970 was first lunch in 1975 and also was the first FM station to broadcast on the island of St. Lucia. Two other stations namely RCI (radio caribbean international) and WIBS now Radio St. Lucia broadcast on the Medium Wave (AM) band. RFI 102.1 FM - The Pulse Of The Nation operate 24hrs per day seven days a week on the assigned frequency of 102.1 Mhz on the FM band. Supported by years of experience, RFI 102 .1FM provides a broad range of standard and specialized services for businesses and professionals in the US., Canada and Europe. For more information, please visit RFI 102.1FM at https://www.rfi1021fm.com/
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