SFM Streek Radio

Joù Streek Radiostasie!

Joù Streek Radiostasie!
SFM Radio is an Afrikaans-speaking radio station offering music and talks exclusively this language. Its line-up comprises local news reports with international snippets, sports programmes, entertainment shows, competitions and music shows with the best selection of Afrikaans music. SFM Radio broadcasts to the Western Cape using different FM frequencies and live streams worldwide through its webpage. In here, listeners can also discover the playlists of its music shows as well as access the station's podcasts. Main shows and presenters * SFM Brekfis with Quan Engelbrecht * SFM Sport with Johann Lerm * Braai tyd with Pieter Thiart * SFM Top 30 with MarQ Roelofse * SFM Middag with Anton Treurnich
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