Smile 90.4 FM

Talk & Tunes

Talk & Tunes
Smile FM is a commercial radio station offering bilingual content to listeners in Cape Town using the frequency 90.4 FM. Its programming combines music, news and talk shows and they all start and finish with a positive and upbeat note to bring a smile to the audience. Its music content comprises 60% of its broadcasting, with the best tunes of the 80s, 90s and of today from international and national artists. The talking content is led by the news reportsAmplifying the good news in the Mother Cityand comprises 55% English and 45% Afrikaans. The radio's line-up is completed by several competition segments, such as the popular Secret Sound,that give listeners the opportunity to win amazing prizes. Smile FM also stream lives worldwide through its website, where listeners can also find the podcasts to its most popular shows and check the Top 40 list with the weekly top songs on this radio. Main presenters * Angel Campey * Bobby Brown * Lindy Lehto Main programmes * Smile Breakfast * Smile Drive * Hometime * The Honest Truth
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