South Coast Radio

100% hits day and night

100% hits day and night
Hi my name is Geraint Watts, I live in East Kent with my wife and two Daughters. I have always had a passion for music and never been a tv person. My first dig with radio was when I was 11 years old and my twin brother Gareth and I had an old amstard radio and somehow managed to make it broadcast a few feet with two wires attached to a circuit we called a shed radio. Was a bit of fun but when I turned 16 I bought a disco unit with my brother and we played in Clubs and Pubs for a few years. I eventually got bored of the public life and knew radio was my passion so in 1996 with a small transmitter I got on holiday in Canada we started megaradio your big 91.8 fm. That was fun for a few years then in 2003 we got a bigger transmitter and we started mega1050 fm and 101.3. We broadcasted to medway as a pirate radio station till 2005 when we got shut down by Offcom. Later that year my friend Steve got us set up on Internet Radio and we started mega1050 online. It was great where family could listen all over the world but I was never happy with the name so in 2007 I changed it to Hits Radio and Gareth carried on using mega1050. By 2011 our listen figures on Hits Radio where getting high so I rented servers from my radio stream and changed my name then to Hits Radio Live. Gareth changed his to Hits Radio Mix as we both didn't like the mega1050 name as most station carrying mega name were Arabic and Spanish. My cousin Jenna and her partner Philip built us a great website for hits and we were doing so well but in May 2018 another big network in the U.K. said the hits trademark was theirs and forced us to drop the hits name on both stations. This was a blow to me as I have worked so hard on the station and put a lot of money into it. I felt we didn't have chance to tell our listeners where we'd gone so I was forced to use mega1050 name again to avoid prosecution. Gareth is doing well as he called his station KBM. With my station mega1050 we took major blow on our listeners which today have never recovered so on 1st of June 2019 I am proud to announce we rebranded to South Coast Radio
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