The Little White Church

Continuous Gospel Favorites

Continuous Gospel Favorites
We are Huntington and Charleston’s Home for Continuous Gospel Favorites! The Little White Church is a Broadcast Style Digital Music Station designed especially for listeners in Huntington and Charleston. The Tri-State and Kanawha Valley has always been rich in Gospel Music with Huntington, Charleston and neighboring Cities offering some of the Biggest Terrestrial Radio Gospel Stations in the Nation. With the impending demise of terrestrial AM and FM Radio Stations, we wanted to give listeners in and around the region a real choice when it comes to listening to their favorite Gospel music. With The Little White Church you can listen through the convenience of your phone, computer, tablet and through our free app to Continuous Gospel Favorites for the Tri-State and Kanawha Valley and the most music EVER and still stay informed with Huntington/Charleston Weather, News and Concert Announcements. Thanks for being a part of Continuous Gospel Favorites… The Little White Church!
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