The Reewind Radio Network AM 1620

Urban Classics & Gen X Radio

Urban Classics & Gen X Radio
We are your home for urban classics and Gen X radio station. Located in Mount Pocono Pa and The Lehigh Valley we are a 24-hour station. We have a great lineup of shows The E.Jones Show Feat Sharonda Plus Nitti 6 am to 10 am est, Retro 8os With Al B Love 10 am to 12 pm est, Sheryl Underwood Radio Show 1 pm to 3 pm est. Soul City Radio With DJ Tony Tone 6 pm to 9 pm, Da Essences Of Hip Hop With Milz 9 pm to 11 pm (Monday Tuesday, and Thursday) Slow Jams With Persian Black Queen 11 pm to 1 am ( Sunday to Thursday), J Anthony Brown Show (Saturday 8 am to 10 am) The B Zone With Traci S Campbell (10 am to 12 pm Saturday) Saturday Afternoon Mix Tape 12 pm to 5 pm, Dropping Gemz Radio Show Keisha Christien (2 pm to 3 pm Sunday), Smooth Jazz With Greg Williams (1 pm to 2 pm Sunday), Coming Soon The Godfather Gino J. DJ ARCH Soulful House Show 4 pm to 5 pm Saturday. DJ Mark 7 am wake up mix Monday to Friday, DJ Music Rocka 8 am Friday and 2 pm Saturday and DJ DASZ Friday 6 AM & 9 AM and 12 pm Saturday.
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