The Right Country

100 Years of Country And We Can Prove It.

100 Years of Country And We Can Prove It.
The Right Country Radio Network was founded in 2006 from the start up recording and broadcasting project with the means of transferring our own music collections and archives with the small studios of friends we created the means to digitally transfer from the usual music formats from the 78 rpm records too Open Reel Tape, Cassette and 8 track cartridge tapes, broadcast cartridge and old 4 track cartridge tapes. We as a station have been blessed with Radio personnel and good friends that have given us there digital archives from cylinders and 78 rpm records so we can enjoy classic music unheard of from America and abroad. We call it 78 Saturdays. We were also able to transfer the original Reel Tape archive from a old defunct radio station survived masters of Western Theater Radio shows of Have Gun Will Travel, Gunsmoke, Hop-along Cassidy, The Lone Ranger, The Cisco Kid, Fort Laramie, and Dr Sixgun. We call this Saddle Up Sunday TRC Western Theater. Monday to Friday we broadcast with special programs like 90s Country Flashback and 615 The Grind and Young Country Stampede with music rotations from the 1970s to current hits. The Weekends we play more of the classics that everybody loves and some local and indie artists as well in the mix. Tell your friends an neighbors about US The Right Country.
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