The Voice of the Cape

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My Radio Station, Your Radio Station, Our Radio Station
The Voice of Cape is a radio station based in Cape Town, where it broadcasts using the frequency 91.3 FM. Its purpose is to serve the Muslim community. It aims to educate the audience about Islam by reporting on cultural, social and economic issues of significance. VOC offers a line-up consisting of diverse programming. It broadcasts news reports, entertainment, sports, religious education and talk shows. Its presenters also support the Muslim community with useful information, especially during Ramadan, offering recipes and reciting the Dhikr together with the audience. The Voice of Cape also offers a live streaming option on its website, allowing listeners from all over the world to enjoy its broadcast. Main presenters * Tasleema Allie * Yaseen Kippie * Quaanita Satardien * Sabera Sheik-Essop * Najmabibi Noor Mohamed Main programmes * Breakfast Beat * Eat, Pray, Love * Dedications & Nasheed * The Legal Hour * Voice of the Millenials * Janaazah Notices Today
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