Your Drive, Your Music

Your Drive, Your Music
We are a 24/7 Online, Fully Licensed Community Radio Station dedicated to the Truck Sim Community Truckers.FM is run by a strong team of Several Admins with a team of volunteer presenters who provide around the clock entertainment for drivers, gamers and streamers across the world. We have been streaming since 2015, and with no signs of slowing down! We want to keep on providing the best entertainment in the community. We work closely with the TruckersMP community and the Twitch Community to provide a unique experience for our listeners. We have been recognised and have had the opportunity to work alongside fantastic companies and communities such as SCS Software, Scania Trucks, TruckersMP and so many more. And that is why we love what we do here at Truckers.FM! We are always overwhelmed from the support and recognition we receive daily and we thank you. Our radio is hosted on premium servers which are located in Paris, France. Our servers have a 100Mbps network links to ensure we can support flawless 128kb/s streaming to your ears. We have an AutoDJ, so when a DJ is not streaming, we will always have great music! Our radio is a fully licensed online radio, we have the appropriate PPL and a PRS license to ensure we can stay up for you!
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