TWR Africa

Speaking Hope to the World

Speaking Hope to the World
TWR Africa is a Christian radio station that aims to spread and promote Christianity to the African continent through radio broadcasts and by live streaming religious content. The station has studios in several locations through the continent. Its South African studio is located at Kempton Park, from where it broadcasts using the frequency 1170 AM. It is also available on channel 855 on DSTV. Through partnerships with local churches and ministries, it offers a line-up with talk shows on Christianity, its values and teaching, preachings, daily devotions and the live coverage of masses and the main Christian celebrations. Main shows and presenters * The Alternative with Dr Tony Evans * Christianity Works with Bernie Dymet * Insight for Living with Chuck Swindoll * Leading the Way with Dr Michael Youssef * Let My People Think with Dr Ravi Zacharias * Running to Win with Pastor Erwin Lutzer
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