Voice Over Radio CR

Buena Música las 24 horas

Buena Música las 24 horas
The proposal of VoiceOver Radio, is born by the need to provide a service which is necessary and very required in the music industry around the world, marketing, brand management or artists as well as the reproduction of their material and positioning of the product or brand is our main focus, with more than 12 years of experience and to know the radio and music market, we gave ourselves the task of creating a useful, bold, effective platform that will provide a secure and agile result that our associates deserve, dissemination, reproduction, mixing and mastering of their audio material, we have a unique and modern platform, which allows us to monitor our radio listeners in real time from any part of the globe, we are the only company that offers this service through preferential packages that include mixing, mastering and reproduction of the material, which includes the worldwide dissemination of each material or commercial topic.
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