Rock With The Pack!

Rock With The Pack!
Do you remember when radio stations had DJs who took calls from listeners and actually played their requests and dedications? Radio stations that played songs that weren’t in the regular rotation? Radio stations that put callers on the air for a shout out? Do you remember when radio stations focused on you, the listener? Well, it’s back and right here in the Rock 'N' Roll Capital of the World, Cleveland, Ohio! We’re the city known for breaking bands, for bringing new talent to the world and of course, well-known for some of the best listeners anywhere! We proudly say WELCOME TO WOLFROCKRADIO.COM ! This station thinks local and acts global. We are always on the hunt for fresh new talent in the music industry i.e. bands, singers, etc., and always looking for DJs who remember how radio used to be and want to make it that way again. So sit back, relax, and make sure your speakers are turned up to 11. This is WOLF ROCK RADIO and we’re glad to have you aboard!
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