Zones FM

Toujours au plus grand nombre

Toujours au plus grand nombre
Zones FM is all about the world evolution. Zones FM is a christian radio station. We specialize mainly in breaking news and politics. The listeners are proud that we are born today. Zones FM provide ample HD audio music. We do not carry the cassette deck or a CD-ROM in our studio. We carry the latest technology. Time after time things have changed so we have to upgrade the way we broadcast. Zones FM is made for that. Zones FM was launched in New York City, USA, March 3, 2007. We aim to share with the Haitian community and other people the joy of life that animates us. And the happiness that dwells within us since we created this station. We hope that Zones FM will be for you a faithful friend in the good times of your life and in difficult times. Through its programs, you will discover a new way of living and thinking. Another way of being in harmony with the world. All day all night. we offer live broadcasts that are different from bridge between the Diaspora and the motherland. Radio Sky FM, your favorite music 24/7. So take the time to listen and get to know us. You will not regret it ! Zones FM, the present world in all of you.
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